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Our mission on education

Everyone is created differently. Every individual is unique. We aren’t standardized – why should our education be?

Learnemy is an online community where you can learn skills from your peers. Take private or group classes from local experts. Play that instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Learn how to express yourself in code. Develop your abilities, change your life.

We want to redefine education – it’s not the cert, it’s the skill.

And the skills you have should help you make a living – apply the skills you’ve learned to improve your career or startup. And once you’re confident that you’ve got it all under your belt, help others and teach them your skills. One day, they might teach you too!

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Instructors with us on this journey

We believe that everyone has a skill to share - and by teaching your skill, you can help someone.

More than 80 instructors have joined us to share their knowledge. They include:

  • Boyd Au, Co-Founder and CEO of Enzer Corporation from 1984 to 2007
  • Jeffrey Paine, Founding Partner of Golden Gate Ventures
  • Subh Behera, Co-Founder of 800-member strong iOS user group, iOS Dev Scouts
  • Michael Cheng, Founder of 1300-member strong PHP user group, Singapore PHP User Group

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My story


Elisha Tan, Founder and CEO

When I was 15, I wanted to quit school. The things they taught me just weren’t applicable to the real world. For a long time, I went to school only once or twice a week, getting my education from the place where it really counts – out there.

Still, I hit a snag: I was threatened with expulsion or retention if I didn’t go back to school. So I went back.

But my experience had told me that something about education was wrong.

Fast-forward 8 years later. Fresh out of university, I was given the chance to start a company. I knew I had to try to fix education – it’s not the cert, it’s the skill. Excited? Let’s get going!

If you have any questions or wish to contact me, drop me an email at elisha@learnemy.com.

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